Researcher Jason Lowery commented “I would be surprised if the SEC approved an ETH ETF, because it tacitly signals the acceptance of ETH as an unregistered security.”

New US Bitcoin Futures ETF Launches – But Don’t Get Excited, According to Passfolio Analyst
The SEC has approved multiple BTC futures ETFs in the latter half of 2021, but it appears that the regulatory body is currently unwilling to sign any type of fund that offers cryptocurrency exposure outside of BTC CME futures contracts.

Earlier this month, Anna Paglia, Invesco’s Global Head of ETFs and Indexed Strategies, stated this, as she explained that her firm’s decision to withdraw its BTC futures ETF was that the SEC only approves Bitcoin ETFs. with 100% exposure to Bitcoin futures.

The Invesco ETF purported to offer a mix of futures swaps, physical Bitcoin, and private funds in the Bitcoin industry.

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