CryptoMines is a popular science fiction video game developed by Latin American enthusiasts who have opted for the Play to Earn (P2E) mode. Since its launch last September, its $ ETERNAL token has registered a growth of more than 78,000%

CryptoMines was launched last September and allows players to collect workers and spaceships to navigate through the metaverse, while their ERC-721 standard-based assets can be traded or sold on the native marketplace.

Its native token, $ ETERNAL, started its journey at $ 1.2. However, days after the launch of the video game, it fell to its all-time low of $ 0.54 recorded on September 17.

Since then, the token has seen meteoric growth, reaching a new all-time high of $ 444.33 today. This figure represents an abysmal growth of more than 78,000% from its lowest point.

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