Cryptocurrency exchange BitMart reported that hackers have stolen around $ 150 million worth of tokens from their wallets. Those affected, one that stores Ethereum and one tokens from Binance Smart Chain, “carry a small percentage of assets on BitMart and all of our other wallets are safe and unharmed,” he stated. “At this time we are still finalizing the possible methods used,” she said. “We are now conducting a comprehensive security review and will release updates as we progress.” And he would try to “maintain transparency” while he dealt with the aftermath of the attack.

But the first security company to realize the hack calculated that the stolen tokens were worth more than $ 200 million. Many investors recommend moving large amounts of cryptocurrencies that are not necessary for daily trading to a “cold” storage, disconnected from the Internet in general.

Previous hacks have seen a multitude of results. Sometimes users are reimbursed, sometimes they are partially reimbursed, sometimes the company goes bankrupt, and on one occasion a hacker even gave all the money back.

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