Cryptoassets are a growing source of financial and job freedom in the US, providing life-changing levels of income to a rising number of persons, according to a recent survey by consumer trend intelligence provider CivicScience.

The survey collected almost 7,000 responses between April and November 2021, from various groups that were weighted by the US population’s structure in line with the country’s census data, according to the company.

11% of the respondents reported they personally quit their jobs, or they knew someone who has, as a result of their investments in crypto such as bitcoin (BTC) and ethereum (ETH), CivicScience said, of which 4% of the respondents pointed to themselves, and 7% declared they knew someone who had done it.

The Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban has taken to Twitter to comment on the survey’s results and say that “[n]ow we know why so many people quit low paying jobs. And this was BEFORE the current runup.”

Among those who admitted to having quit their jobs owing to their successful investments in cryptoassets, the largest share, at 37%, said their annual crypto-based revenue was in the range of USD 25,001 and USD 50,000.

For 27%, the generated revenue was less than USD 25,000 per year. A further 15% declared crypto was bringing them a revenue of USD 50,001-75,000 per year. For 13%, this revenue was in the range of USD 75,001 and USD 150,000.

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